The main service panel takes your primary power supply coming into your home and safely distributes it throughout. But you may need to consider a service panel upgrade or change out if you experience any of the following:
  • Your lights flicker when a large appliance kicks on
  • Your light bulbs burn out too quickly
  • Your circuit breaker trips constantly
  • Your existing service panel cannot handle new outlets or modern appliances
  • An insurance company won’t cover you
An old or overloaded service panel could present more of an issue than just the lack of power coming into your home; it could be a serious fire hazard if left unchecked. That’s because old electrical service and panels may:
  • Have maxed out circuits and has no room to add new circuits
  • Still use fuses, which some insurance companies don’t like
  • Stop working at any time
  • Not be able to handle the increased electrical demands of today’s appliance and devices
  • Cause overheated breakers that burn out the buss bar in the panel
  • Have loose conductors between the meter and panel, which could burn out the main lugs
  • Be using outdated technology
A service panel upgrade from Power Trip Electric will increase the capacity of the existing electrical service coming into your Rhode Island home and make your home safer. Power Trip Electric:
  • Uses the highest quality panels by top-of the line manufacturers
  • Provides a warranty on all equipment
  • Installs panels that last up to 40 years
  • Obtains all necessary permits needed to perform your electric work
  • Offers a temporary generator to use while we do the work

Call Power Trip Electric at 401-228-0075 to schedule your service panel upgrade or change-out today!