You enter a room, flip a switch and expect a light to turn on. You plug in an appliance and expect to be able to use it. What do you do if your light switches and outlets leave you powerless?

Power Trip Electric installs, repairs and services outlets and switches no matter what the need:

  • No power to an outlet
  • Switch does not work
  • Lights flicker when on
  • Not enough outlets
  • Breaker trips too often
  • A dimmer switch is needed
Dangers to Avoid

When you’re having an issue with your outlets or switches, you must call a certified electrician. The repair or installation job may seem simple, but there are many hazards lurking within your walls that could lead to a disaster.

If you’re lights flicker, it could be because your switch or outlet is wired incorrectly or suffering from a loose connection or an overloaded circuit. This could cause your circuits to continually trip or not work. That’s the best case scenario! Worse case? Improper or poor wiring could cause a fire.

Another fire hazard is using too many power strips because you don’t have enough outlets. You’re overloading your circuits. You need more outlets.

Switch and outlet wiring in the bathroom may seem simple, but you know that water and electricity are a bad combination.

Instead of putting your family and your home in danger, call the experts at Power Trip Electric at (401) 265-2380.