Ceiling fans with lighting fixtures are a staple in many Rhode Island homes. The right one can be the perfect accent for any room. It can also help you cut energy costs in both the winter and the summer.

Power Trip Electric installs and repairs ceiling fans with light fixtures throughout the state of Rhode Island—from Providence to Newport and Pawtucket to North Kinstown.


While installing them yourself may sound easy and economical, it may be best to call Rhode Island’s Electrician Superhero who can:

  • Safely run the proper gauge wiring to the ceiling fan’s location
  • Mount the ceiling fan properly and securely
  • Connect the wiring safely and cautiously
  • Get your ceiling fan installed quickly
  • Install a wall switch if none exists
Ceiling Fan Repair

Does your ceiling fan vibrate? Does it shake vigorously like it will fall off the ceiling? Does it create an annoying hum while it’s operating? These could all be signs that your ceiling fan needs repair or is unsafe.

Rhode Island’s Electrician Superhero will help you determine if your ceiling fan and light fixture is indeed broken or unsafe and create a plan to fix it quickly.

Call Power Trip Electric now at (401) 265-2380 to install and repair your home’s ceiling fans and light fixtures.