When the power goes out on those dark Rhode Island nights, you never know how long the outage will last. A portable generator is a great way to enjoy many of the comforts of life during any blackout.

The professionals at Power Trip Electric install and service all portable generators.

Portable Generator Installation

Many homeowners think portable generators are easy to install, but most insurance companies won’t cover damage due to a do-it yourself wiring job.

The professionals at Power Trip Electric ensure the installation is safe and up to code.

    Our 7-Step Portable Generator Installation Process:

      1. Our electricians help you determine which appliances, devices and systems the generator needs to power.
      2. We determine the wattage and power requirements needed to run your chosen electrical systems, then we ensure you have the proper generator.
      3. We install the wiring, switches and panel system inside your home that will connect the generator. Our experts know the code and safety requirements.
      4. Our experts install the receptacle hookup on the outside of your home that connects with the panel system inside your home.
      5. We will place the generator at a secure place away from your home and connect it with a hookup receptacle.
      6. Our electricians ensure your portable generator has gas and oil then, show you how to select the appropriate voltage and start it.
      7. Finally, we show you how to flip your home’s main utility power to the generator power and back again.

Portable Generator Service and Repair
Even if you’ve installed your portable generator yourself and it seems to work, it’s best to call the experts at Power Trip Electric to inspect and service your work. We will ensure it is safely installed and up to code.

If your generator is not working, we will quickly determine the problem and repair it.

Don’t be left in the dark during your next blackout. Call the expert electricians at Power Trip Electric at (401) 265-2380